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Body Contouring
Sculpt® by Sentient™

Who doesn’t have a few areas of their body that could use a little improvement whether it's changing the contour or making things a little tighter and smoother?

Body Contouring with Sculpt®


Sculpt is the only non-invasive treatment that effectively targets cellulite on all skin types.  Benefits include:

• Well-tolerated experience — doesn’t hurt like invasive and painful body treatments

• No social downtime or bruising — discrete and fast-healing process

• The first-ever non-invasive cellulite and body sculpting treatment that consistently produces results

• Quick results after treatment sessions

• Safe to use on all skin types


Sculpt is remarkably effective and practically painless because it uses 2.45 Gigahertz energy, working from the inside out. This exclusive technology and flat-panel applicator means that 80% of Sculpt energy is absorbed in the fat layer instead of the skin.  Competing technology is primarily absorbed by the skin which causes pain and poor results.

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